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Disney Princess Challenge

The Disney Princess Challenge is a series that revolves around the Disney Princess franchise. Each generation will be a different Disney Princess.

Here is the list of the Disney Princesses (in order):

  • Snow White (has to have 7 children only)
  • Cinderella (maximum of 3 children only)
  • Tiana (any amount of children)
  • Aurora (has to have 2 children only)
  • Anna (only 1 child)
  • Rapunzel (any amount of children)
  • Belle (any amount of children)
  • Mulan (any amount of children)
  • Jasmine (maximum of 4 children)
  • Merida (no marriage or children, unless you are carrying on for a further 4 generations)

Optional further generations:

  • Elsa (only 1 child)
  • Ariel (any amount of children)
  • Pocahontas (maximum of 4 children)
  • Moana (No children)

if you don't know Clare said she does not like doing this challenge as she says it puts stress on her so we don't think she will resume it but there is still a chance she could.


Snow White:

  1. Must have 7 children (the dwarfs)
  2. All children have to have the same baby daddy
  3. Must never answer the door to strangers or old women
  4. Each child must have a negative trait
  5. Each child must achieve something (level 5 in 1 toddler skill or level 3 in all toddler skills)
  6. Parenthood: Each child must have a maxed character value


  1. Must cook every meal and clean everything
  2. Must have 'neat' and 'foodie' traits
  3. May not marry until mother or step-mother dies (must not be cheated)
  4. Have a maximum of 3 children


  1. Must have the 'ambitious' trait
  2. Father must die before end of YA
  3. Must have food aspiration
  4. Must marry a sim with green (can be eyes/hair/clothes etc)
  5. Dine Out: Tiana must own and run her own restaurant


  1. Must have 'lazy' trait
  2. May only have 3 or less friends (can be family if you wish but the fairies are preferred)
  3. Must meet future spouse whilst parents are sleeping
  4. Elope - can run away if you wish
  5. Have a maximum of 2 children (Anna and Elsa)


  1. Lose all contact with your sister until YA
  2. Find love with a criminal (Hans)
  3. Must experience a near death experience at the hands of your lover
  4. Find someone new after reconnecting with sister
  5. Marry and only have 1 child


  1. Must have 'loner' and 'art lover' traits
  2. Must reach at least level 8 of painting skill before YA
  3. May only leave tower for school
  4. May never have friends until wedding (with Flynn Rider)
  5. Elope and have children
  6. Parenthood: Your parents are strict and you sneak out after curfew


  1. Must have 'bookworm' trait
  2. Date at least 5 men
  3. Meet man of your dreams (a beast)
  4. Marry and have children
  5. Your spouse turns human again after first born child
  6. Get to Work: Spouse can be alien


  1. Must have 'active' trait
  2. Must join military if you have Strangerville but otherwise have the astronaut
  3. Fall in love with a co-worker once you reach the top of the career
  4. Marry and have children
  5. Get Famous: Mulan must have fame when she reaches top of career


  1. Have a best friend (cat which is called Rajah)
  2. You cannot leave house unless it is for school
  3. Must marry a poor street rat
  4. Lover must be in the criminal career
  5. Have a maximum of 4 children (1 child and then triplet boys)


  1. Have 'self-assured' trait
  2. Lose your siblings and mother in an unfortunate event
  3. Seek out a way to change the past but fail
  4. You don't believe in love so you never marry
  5. You believe you are cursed so never have children (unless you carry on with the additional generations)
  6. Grow up alone and regretful

Optional Generations:


  1. Must have 'loves the outdoors' trait
  2. Must own a pool and swim in it everyday
  3. Must marry a beautiful sim with at least one of the same traits as you
  4. Have children
  5. Island Living: Must be a mermaid


  1. Fall in love with a 'different' kind of sim
  2. Marry them
  3. Run away and elope
  4. Have a maximum of 4 children
  5. Vampires: her husband could be a vampire


  1. Must have the 'loves the outdoors' trait
  2. Must have 'Curator' aspiration
  3. Must have close relationship with grandmother, who dies before end of YA
  4. Run away and meet Maui and be BFFs with him
  5. Never marry and have no children
  6. Jungle Adventure: Moana must go to Selvadorada and explore there

Time Periods[]

  • Snow White is set between 1500 and 1550's
  • Cinderella is set between 1850 and 1880's
  • Princess and the Frog is set between 1920-1930's
  • Sleeping Beauty is set between 1500-1590's
  • Frozen is set between 1830's - 1840's
  • Tangled is set between 1765-1820's
  • Beauty and the Beast is set between 1750's-1795
  • Mulan is set in 600AD
  • Aladdin is set in 300AD
  • Brave is set in 901AD

Characters Featured[]

Snow White Characters[]

Cinderella Characters[]

Tiana Characters[]

Aurora Characters[]

Anna Characters[]


Snow White[]

Snow White Logo

Episode 1 : DISNEY PRINCESS CHALLENGE - Snow White (15/12/19)[]

Snow White and the Evil Queen move into Windenburg, where Snow is forced to cook, clean and do all the work in the house, while the Queen can just sit back and relax. Snow goes to the coffee shop to get treats for the Queen, and she meets J Huntington III and Justin Delgato. She's interested in both of them, but doesn't know who to be with.

Episode 2: THE FIRST DWARVES!! - Snow White (18/12/19)[]

Snow White chooses J as her prince. They had their first kiss and woohooed in the Evil Queen's bed. She becomes pregnant with twins, so she moved out of her stepmother's house to live in a small cottage to raise her children. Snow gives birth to 2 girls named Basfuletta and Doc.

Episode 3: TWIN DWARF TODDLERS! - Snow White (21/12/19)[]

Snow White is pregnant once again. She tells J, who is actually excited for more babies. Bashfuletta and Doc drive Snow crazy! Then J asks her out on a date, which she swiftly accepts, as she would do anything to stay away from her crying babies. Thankfully, the twins aged up to toddlers the next day. Then not long after, Snow gave birth to triplets!! A girl named Dopey and two boys named Grumpy and Happy.

Episode 4: SEND HELP!! - Snow White (27/12/19)[]

Snow White is struggling with newborns and toddlers that she is never feeling freshly awake and most of the babies age up into toddlers.

Episode 5: ALL 7 DWARFS - Snow White (31/12/19)[]

There are no more babies, but there are more toddlers. The final 2 babies Sneezette and Sleepy age up into toddlers.

Episode 6: VOTE FOR CINDERELLA - Snow White (4/1/20)[]

Sneezy and Doc age up into children and we must decide as a community to which girl out of the two should become Cinderella. Who will win the poll?

Episode 7: CINDERELLA REVEALED - Snow White (6/1/20)[]

The next princess Cinderella has been chosen, it will be Doc! Doc ages up into a teen and Snow White helps the kids with their character values. Next time, will be the final Snow White episode.

Episode 8: A FAIRYTALE ENDING..? - Snow White SNOW WHITE CHALLENGE END (9/1/20)[]

All the kids have reached teenhood and it seems like Snow has finally met her prince charming. She meets a man named Travis, who ends up becoming her boyfriend.


Cinderella Logo

Episode 1: Disney Princess Challenge - Cinderella (17/1/20)[]

Doc White becomes Cinderella and moves into the chateau. Although she thinks she will be living a lovely life, things are not what she thinks when she ends up having to work for her step-sisters Drizella and Anastasia and her step-mother Lady Tramaine. Things are not great as Cinderella finds out her dad J Huntington has died.

Episode 2: Disney Princess Challenge - Cinderella (23/1/20)[]

Cinderella is struggling with having to clean the house, do the laundry and cook every meal, but still dreams on meeting her prince charming. However, this goal in life ends up being harder than she thought when she ends up going to school 4 hours late due to having to do her chores beforehand. However, Cinderella does manage to meet Prince Alexander whilst at school, but things aren't looking great as it is also love day and the sisters are able to meet princes. Drizella meets Prince Khan and Anastasia meets Prince Edward. Anastasia also meets Cinderella's brother Grumpy, who she seems to have developed a crush on and vice-versa.

Episode 3: Disney Princess Challenge - Cinderella (25/1/20)[]

Lady Tramaine decides to throw a ball for her daughters Drizella and Anastasia, but needs money to do so. She Lady Tramaine goes on a date with a man named Dustin Brooke and he quickly becomes her boyfriend and fiance! Realising that Dustin has a wife and a child, Lady Tramaine manages to convince him to leave his wife and he moves in with all his money, leaving his wife and child with no money whatsoever. However, Lady Tramaine kills Dustin once she has all his money as she believes she no longer needs him. Meanwhile, Cinderella and Anastasia become closer and more friendly towards each other as they have both lost a father. The ball is held and Anastasia still likes Grumpy and meets another prince, whilst Cinderella works behind the bar and Prince Alexander seems to take notice of her.

Episode 4: A "Secret" Date - Cinderella (29/1/20)[]

Anastasia takes Cinderella to a bar as Cinderella has been kind to Anastasia and the two are getting closer with each other. When she is there, Cinderella decides to sing, which brings a lot of attention from the other people in the bar including Prince Alexander. Drizella also later attends the knight night being held at the bar and brings all the other princes along with her including her love interest Prince Aaron. Anastasia decides to bring her crush Grumpy White along to the bar in hopes to go a step further with Grumpy. After Cinderella speaks more with Alexander, the two chat outside and watch the clouds, bringing the two closer. One afternoon, Cinderella secretly invites Prince Alexander over where they sneak off to a quiet area far away from the mansion where they share some romantic time together, becoming love interests, but issues rise when Lady Tramaine spots them together from the tower, deciding to make sure moments like this never happen again.

Episode 5: Disney Princess Challenge - Cinderella (31/1/20)[]

Lady Tramaine announces that her daughter Drizella must marry Prince Alexander - the same prince who Cinderella has fallen in love with - to make Cinderella's life more miserable after the secret date Cinderella and Alexander had the night before. Drizella and Alexander marry, breaking Cinderella's heart and Lady Tramaine then tells Anastasia that she will be next to marry a prince, not letting her daughter be with Grumpy, causing Anastasia to also be heartbroken and break things off with Grumpy, but she appears to still love him.

Episode 6: A Royal Accident - Cinderella (3/2/20)[]

Drizella finds out she is pregnant but its believed that it is not her husband's - Prince Alexander - which turns out to be true, it's someone else's! Meanwhile, Cinderella spends time with her sister - who is also her fairy godmother - Sneezette who advises her that happiness will come soon enough. Alexander is not enjoying life with Drizella and they have zero love with each other, especially when she flirts with Prince Aaron. Meanwhile, Anastasia shares her first kiss with Grumpy and they agree to run away together.

Episode 7: Disney Princess Challenge - Cinderella (5/2/20)[]

Cinderella asks her fairy godmother (Bashfuletta) to change her look so she can attend the ball. Cinderella shares a slow dance with Prince Kian where the two share their first kiss and become romantic interests. Meanwhile Anastasia runs away and escapes the chateau with grumpy thanks to Cinderella and the fairy godmother. Drizella's son also ages up into a toddler.

Episode 8: Ding Dong - Cinderella - (8/2/20)[]

Cinderella visits Snow White and her siblings at the cottage and is happy that Anastasia is happy living there and getting her happy ending. Lady Tramaine goes on a date with Thorne Bailey and convinces him to leave his spouse, which he does and they become a couple. Lady Tramaine tries to kill Thorne with sharks, but it only works with piranhas, leaving Lady Tramaine with almost $50,000. Fed up with and now despising Lady Tramaine, Prince Alexander decides he can't take it and demands that he and Drizella moves out to head back to his kingdom. The two move, leaving Cinderella to live alone with Lady Tramaine, much to Cinderella dismay. However, this thankfully doesn't last long as Lady Tramaine finally dies of old age leaving Cinderella the only one in the chateau and allowing her to officially become a princess.

Episode 9: ROYAL WEDDING - Cinderella - (14/2/20)[]

Now with Lady Tramaine dead, Cinderella is free to live a happier life and get married. She goes swimming with her mother Snow White, who gives Cinderella some advice. Whilst visiting the house, it is revealed that Anastasia and Grumpy had a son. Cinderella makes things official with Prince Kian and the two marry as soon as they engaged. On their wedding day, Cinderella and Kian start trying for babies for the next generation of the challenge and realising that they are not meant for each other, Prince Alexander and Drizella decide to divorce as she tells him he deserves to be with someone he is actually in love with, leading to them at least divorcing on good terms with each other. Anastasia, Grumpy, Drizella and her son all move back into the chateau.

Episode 10: FINAL EPISODE - Cinderella - (18/2/20)[]

Cinderella and her new husband Kian move into their new house (which Clare builds) in StrangerVille (although it it is later changed) and she finds out she is pregnant. The couple decide to invite her family over to announce the pregnancy and because it is Winterfest. Kian tries to set Drizella and her ex Aaron up but things don't go so well as Aaron and Drizella end up getting into a physical fight twice despite him clearly being in love with her. Kian also tries to make money for his family by looking for odd jobs and potentially joining the army later on.


Tiana Logo

Episode 1: *NEW* Disney Princess Challenge - Tiana - (20/2/20)[]

Cinderella is heavily pregnant and she and Kian move to Willow Creek. The couple see their neighbours move in next door too. Kian focuses on finding work to provide for his family by dong odd jobs and getting a main job as a manual labourer too. Things don't go as well as his main job isn't until the weekend and the odd jobs are not paying a lot of money. Cinderella gives birth whilst Kian is out at work and names their daughter Tiana. Tiana also ages up into a toddler.

Episode 2: Disney Princess Challenge - Tiana - (27/2/20)[]

Tiana and Cinderella travel to the beach with Kian to help him with his odd job as he needs to find frogs. The family enjoy some time together at the beach. Cinderella joins the fashion career to hopefully become a seamstress. As part of the job Cinderella needs to interview people as part of the job so interviews the neighbours and a couple of other people, which leads her to get promoted. Kian continues to do other odd jobs to try to earn more money for the family. Tiana and Cinderella visit the La Bouff family - a single dad and little girl. The girl is revealed to be called Charlotte who Tiana quickly becomes friends with and they play dolls together. The father asks Cinderella to make Charlotte a few dresses as he knows she is a seamstress, which Cinderella agrees to do for a little bit of money. Tiana and Charlotte spend more time together and are read the book The Princess and the Frog by Cinderella.

Episode 3: Disney Princess Challenge - Tiana (06/03/20)[]

Tiana and Charlotte age up into children at the same time. The girls spend time together at each others houses and played dolls together. After the celebrations, Tiana heads home with her parents and Kian tells her he plans to buy a restaurant (which is over $80,000) that she and Tiana can run when she is older. However, Kian later tells Tiana and Cinderella that he soon must go and join the army to fight in the war, but assures them that he will be ok and Kian officially joins the army.

Episode 4: Disney Princess Challenge - Tiana (14/3/20)[]

Knowing that Kian will soon head off to war, Cinderella spends as much time with him as possible so the couple goes to the Spice Festival with their daughter Tiana. It is also revealed that Prince Alexander has remarried and had a son of his own and that Grumpy and Anastasia have had another child, with the possibility of another one on the way. Tiana ages up into a teenager with her best friend Charlotte la Bouff.

Episode 5: Disney Princess Challenge - Tiana - (19/3/20)[]

Tiana decides to get a part time job as a barista in order to earn more money for her family and also does some odd jobs, which is harder than she thought, especially as she also has school. Kian also does more odd jobs as well as also working in the army. Kian gets promoted, which leads to his life changing forever. Cinderella works at home for a couple of days and also decides to help her family earn a bit more money by singing outside of the family home, which leads her to be on the road to fame and become a newcomer in the celebrity ladder but also gets promoted in her seamstress job, Kian is called in the army and must participate in World War I. However, after saying bye to Tiana before he leaves, Kian ends up dying during the war, leaving Cinderella a widow and to raise Tiana on her own.

Episode 6: Disney Princess Challenge - Tiana - (25/3/20)[]

Tiana and Cinderella are struggling with the loss of Prince Kian. They are grieving lots but try to keep his work ethic in mind and stay as positive as much as they can, but it is harder than they thought. Cinderella and Tiana and Cinderella work as hard as they can so they can afford the sugar mill and turn it into a restaurant. Tiana and her friend Charlotte age up into young adults and Tiana joins the culinary career. Charlotte asks Tiana to cook for her party, where she invites the local princes, including Prince Alexander and his new French wife, but Cinderella struggles to want to go in and celebrate as she is going through a tough time. Cinderella also gets promoted but she and Tiana are still far off from earning at least $80,000.

Episode 7: Disney Princess Challenge - Tiana - (2/4/20)[]

Tiana is asked by Prince Naveen to be kissed to reverse the curse of being turned into a frog. Disgusted, Tiana still agrees to kiss him, but the spell does not work and she is now too been turned into a frog. Horrified, Tiana and Naveen try to find help and run away together. They manage - after 3 days - to enter the Silvian Glade where there is a woman who tells them what they have learnt about each other and Naveen and Tiana realise they have fallen in love with each other. They decide to elope in the glade as frogs, which turns them back to humans and Tiana officially becomes a princess. The newly weds also decide to someday have a proper wedding ceremony.

Episode 8: Disney Princes Challenge - Tiana - (8/4/20)[]

Now that Tiana and Naveen are married, they are finally able to buy the restaurant Tiana's father mentioned he wanted to open when she was younger. Cinderella is still struggling with loss of Kian but tries to distract herself as much as she can. Tiana and Naveen try for a baby - Aurora for the next part of the challenge - but are not successful the first time. They try again the following morning, but are no sure this time so decorate the Old Sugar Mill and turn it into Tiana's Palace, but it doesn't go so well on the first night as people want to use the upstairs room to eat and not in the actual restaurant area. However, the following morning it works and people are eating in the restaurant. Tiana also finds out she is pregnant this time around and shares the big new to her mother Cinderella.

Episode 9: FINAL EPISODE - Disney Princess Challenge - Tiana - (16/4/20)[]

In the final Tiana episode, Tiana is still heavily pregnant and she and Naveen are staying at the restaurant for a while. Tiana quickly rushes to the hospital to give birth to her and Naveen's daughter named Aurora. Things get hectic when the Tiana brings Aurora home for Naveen to meet his daughter (Tiana decided to let Cinderella go to the hospital with her). A few days later, Aurora ages up into a toddler and Naveen wants to move the family to a castle.

Sleeping Beauty[]

Sleeping Beauty Logo

*NEW* Episode 1: Disney Princess Challenge - Sleeping Beauty - (24/4/20)[]

Aurora, Tiana, Naveen, Bruno and Cinderella move into a castle in Windernburg during winter time. The family get ready for winterfest (Christmas) and are excited to celebrate the holidays in their new house. Just as things are happy for the family, Cinderella finds out that her mother Snow White has passed away from old age. Cinderella also ages up into an elder.

Episode 2: Disney Princess Challenge - Sleeping Beauty - (30/4/20)[]

The family decide to hire a butler and a maid as they are now living the royalty lifestyle. Tiana and Naveen prep for Aurora's upcoming childhood birthday. Aurora ages up and gets an upgrade of bedrooms. Tiana and Naveen are determined to make sure that Aurora never leaves the house. Tiana also gets promoted and she and Naveen decide to open the restaurant without being there, but it doesn't go so well without Tiana and Naveen being there themselves.

Episode 3: Disney Princess Challenge - Sleeping Beauty - (7/5/20)[]

Aurora gets ready for her birthday on New Years Eve and is upset when she gets told off for leaving the castle by her father Naveen when there has been a fire. Angry, Aurora stars to rebel especially when Tiana tells Aurora that they are expecting a son who Aurora thinks will take her place on the throne. By surprise, Tiana and Naveen welcome 4 other babies! One boy named Louis and 3 girls. Aurora soon ages up into a teenager (with her baby siblings following behind) and plans to run away when she can and find her prince.

Episode 4: Disney Princess Challenge - Sleeping Beauty - (13/5/20)[]

The three fairies - Merryweather, Flora and Fauna are introduced as well as Prince Philip. Sick and tired of living the princess lifestyle, Aurora changes into a peasant outfit and leaves to explore. Whilst singing, she meets Prince Philip who believes she is not royalty but as peasant girl. The two slow dance and fall in love but she must return home as she left during the night. Furious, Naveen tells her off for wearing the clothing and escaping the castle itself and the grounds so grounds and bands her from leaving the castle entirely. Annoyed, Aurora makes a wish at the wishing well for romance and the 3 fairies help her escape to a cottage.

Episode 5: Disney Princess Challenge - Sleeping Beauty - (20/5/20)[]

Aurora is getting settled into her new house but is worried about her parents Tina and Naveen - especially Naveen - finding her after they have set their guards to search for her. Aurora also starts to come closer with the fairies as she was never allowed to make friends whilst living in the castle. The following day, the fairies help Aurora go to a special place where no one will be able to find her so she can spend time with Philip. The fairies use a spell to teleport Philip to a secret area - which also happens to be where Tiana and Naveen got married - and Philip and Aurora have romantic moments together including their very first kiss. Feeling that they are meant to be together (whilst thinking they have to be married to other people, who are each other). Aurora and Philip decide to try for a baby in hopes their parents will make them be together but it is not yet revealed if Aurora is pregnant or not.

Episode 6: Disney Princess Challenge - Sleeping Beauty - (28/5/20)[]

Aurora finds out she is pregnant with Philip's baby and soon finds out she is having twin girls - who will be named Elsa and Anna. Aurora goes to visit her family home to tell both Tiana and Naveen she is expecting and hoping that they will make her marry Philip (s it was a rule in the 1600's to marry the man you got pregnant with) and that her father can't say no. Much to Naveen's amusement, he tells both Aurora and Philip that they were meant to marry each other anyway since they were babies. Aurora and Philip get engaged and marry the same day outside her castle just before the babies are due to be born, with her great-aunts and uncles (Cinderella's siblings) watching too.

Episode 7: Moving to Arendale?! - Sleeping Beauty - (10/6/20)[]

Aurora and Philip move to Arendale Castle, preparing for the upcoming birth of their twin daughters Elsa and Anna. The couple hire servants for their royal lifestyle. Philip heads to work and Aurora goes into labour when her mom Tiana turns up to the castle to see the couple. Aurora goes into labour and gives birth to Anna and Elsa.

Episode 8: TODDLER Elsa & Anna (END) - Sleeping Beauty - (16/6/20)[]

In the final Aurora episode, Anna and Elsa both age up into Toddlers and Philip sometimes still goes to work to blend in with the locals. Feeling like they don't have much of a teen life, Aurora and Philip have a snowball fight with Merryweather, Fauna and Flora.


Frozen Logo

Episode 1: *NEW* Disney Princess Challenge - Frozen - (23/6/20)[]

It's the start of a brand new season! King Philip and Queen Aurora prepare for Anna and Elsa's upcoming birthdays so decide to teach the sisters flash cards and important things for the future of their lives. Elsa gains ice powers (something she gets from birth in the movie). Anna and Elsa sneak into a room when their parents and staff are asleep. Elsa and Anna play with Elsa's magic and she accidentally strikes Anna in the head with her magic, causing her to be frozen. Aurora and Philip run in and are in shock to see their youngest daughter being ice cold. The parents decide to separate the sisters by putting them in different bedrooms.

Episode 2: TEENAGE Elsa and Anna - Frozen - (30/6/20)[]

After Elsa struck Anna in the head with her magic, Elsa continues to isolate herself from her sister and parents. Anna, having no memory of Elsa's magic, continuously asks Elsa if she wants to build a snowman as the years go by, which Elsa always says no to and doesn't want to see her sister. Aurora and Philip decide to lock the gates so that none of the locals are aware of Elsa's magic and so they aren't afraid of her. Philip goes into Elsa's bedroom to see her, but she accidentally freezes him which worries Elsa who decides to isolate herself from her parents too. Years go by and Anna and Elsa celebrate their teenage birthdays with Elsa on her own and Anna with her parents.

Episode 3: ELSA'S CORONATION (Goes Wrong...) - Frozen - (11/7/20)[]

Aurora and Philip decide to take a 2 week boat ride to find answers about Elsa's magic, but they unfortunately perish at sea, leaving Elsa next in line to be queen. Its the day of Elsa's coronation and Anna is thrilled to finally meet up with her sister again and no longer feel trapped within the castle. However, Elsa is nervous that her powers will be revealed to the people of Arendale. Anna bumps into and meets Prince Hans who she is immediately smitten with and she wants to marry. However, Elsa does not bless the marriage when Anna introduces Hans to her sister and Elsa accidentally reveals her powers to everyone including Anna who is shocked. Elsa feels from the Arendale Castle and creates her own ice castle where she can keep away and feel free from everyone.

Episode 4: ANNA Meets KRISTOFF & SVEN - Frozen - (18/7/20)[]

After Elsa exiles herself from Arendale, she leaves Prince Hans in charge of the castle and kingdom to find her sister Elsa. Whilst Elsa is on her way, she meets Kristoff and Sven. Anna and Kristoff get along, but he finds it strange when she tells him she is engaged to prince Hans, despite only knowing him for a day. As Sven, Kristoff and Anna get closer to the North Mountain, they meet a walking, talking snowman named Olaf who Elsa created and he leads them to Elsa's Ice Palace. Once the group reach the ice palace, Anna tries to convince Elsa to return to Arendale, but she refuses after what happened at her coronation. Anna tells Elsa that she caused an eternal winter, but Elsa doesn't know how to stop it with her magic. After an argument, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart with her magic, leaving Anna in lethal danger if she does not find an act of true love, she will freeze forever. Kristoff gets the idea to take Anna to meet his adoptive family, the trolls (who the king and queen took Anna to see when she was struck by Elsa's magic as kids) in order to help her be freed from the frozen curse.

Episode 5: Sisters Reunited! - Disney Princess Challenge - Frozen - (7/8/20)[]

Anna must find an act of true love to save her so believes Hans kissing her will lift the curse. Kristoff soon realises he now has feelings for the princess and realises Anna is in danger as the blizzard is not lifting and that she could die. Hans reveals his true plan to Anna: he never loved her and used her to be come king one day if he killed Elsa and married Anna. Hans breaks up with Anna and locks her in a room to die from the cold, leaving her heartbroken. Olaf finds Anna on the ground and tells her that love means putting someone else's feelings before yours is love, which makes Anna realise that Kristoff loves her because he let her be with Hans if he went so much to her. Anna decides to go to Kristoff to get her "true loves kiss" but soon finds Hans approach Elsa. Hans, who has told Anna has died because of her, gets ready to kill Elsa but Anna sacrifices herself and freezes to death saving her sister and sends Hans unconscious from the blast. Anna thaws and she and Elsa reunite as the sacrifice is an act of true love. Elsa uses love to thaw the kingdom and bring summer back. Hans eventually gets exiled and dies from heatstroke. Meanwhile, Anna buys Kristoff a new sled, who is also promoted by Elsa. Anna and Kristoff express their feelings for each other with a first kiss and Olaf is now able to always enjoy summer.

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